Friday, October 22, 2010

Purple Plaid Poncho

Come along as I show you how to accomplish this pretty plaid fabric which you can make into any project you like. I've made 2 panels 17" wide by 26" long and seamed them together to make a poncho. I also picked up stitches around the neck opening and knit a 2 by 2 ribbing for about an inch and then I added a k1 to the k2 to make a k3, p2 ribbing for another inch before binding off in rib. I also added a 3 stitch i-cord in the darker purple about 27" long and I weaved it in and out of the seam area on the front and back of the poncho. The ch 3 at the beginning of each row makes holes along the edge making it perfect for weaving this i-cord in. You could also use ribbon. I let this i-cord hang out at the bottom the same length as the fringe and then at the top I also pulled it through the collar which not only makes it a design element but it also keeps the collar folded down.

The video is more of a guide to show you how to crochet the fabric that makes the plaid. You can make this into any project you want. I just decided to make a poncho. The instructions below are also more of a guide and not really a pattern. You will have to adjust number of stitches and length of panels to make what size poncho you need. Add more squares to make your panel wider and panels longer for a larger size poncho and adjust them smaller for a smaller poncho. It really depends on yarn used and how loose or tightly you crochet.




Poncho Instructions
Main Color = Dusty Purple (medium shade)
Light Color = Linen (light shade)
Dark Color = (darkest shade)

I used a size I hook. Chain 50 - sc in 2nd chain from hook and continue to sc across to the last chain. = 49 sc

~Row 1~ 
Using main color ch 3, (counts as 1st dc throughout) dc in 2nd sc of previous row, however don't complete the stitch. Leave the last 2 loops on your hook and now bring in your second yarn color to complete the stitch.

Now work 2 dc with the new second color while carrying the main color and working your stitches over the main color. Work 1 more dc halfway, keeping the last 2 loops on your hook. Drop the second color and picking up the main color again, complete the stitch.

Continue in this pattern working 3 dc, alternating between the main and second color and stranding the opposite color as you go. Remember to work the last dc of each 3 dc set only halfway leaving the last 2 loops on your hook in preparation to pull up the next color. The last 2 dc will be in the main color. Ch 3 and turn and repeat this row once more, this will be row 2.
~Row 2~ 
Repeat  Row 1

~Row 3~
After you have worked your ch 3 in the main color and turned, work 4 dc. Cut your second color of yarn leaving a tail to work in later with your tapestry needle. Now bring in your third color of yarn when you have those last 2 loops on your hook from that last halfway completed dc. Work as before alternating now between the main  and third color. Work one more row in these two colors, this will be row 4.

~Row 4~
Repeat Row 3

Crochet above 4 rows 8 more times. End working one last first row of the main and second color. This will give you a panel 17" wide and 26" long. You need to make 2 for this poncho.
I made the fringe using all 3 colors of yarn. I picked up 56 stitches around the neck and knit a turtleneck 2 by 2 rib for about an inch. Then I increased one stitch in every k2 to make the ribbing k3, p2 for another inch. I BO in rib.

I placed a 3 stitch i-cord down the seam area in the front and back as there are holes perfect for this. These were caused by the ch 3 at the beginning of each row. I ran it up through the ribbing and when pulled and tucked under the i-cord strand down the front it keeps the collar down neatly. Otherwise it can be un-tucked so the collar can stand up.
I hope you'll give this technique a try soon and I think you'll really enjoy the process!